i stayed “ATAMI せかいえ(SEKAIE)”.this hotel is one of the luxury hotel at ATAMI. so i introduce about it!
then i used this site for decided hotel!高級ホテル・旅館の予約なら【一休.com】
recently ATAMI is popular place in Japanese.the reason is its near the Tokyo.
Sinkansen:40 min(maybe) Tokaido line: 1h (maybe)
its not so far!




sekaie is a little bit far downtown i arrived at ATAMI station,i call the hotel.the staff picked me up 🙂

the hotel is very luxury and comfortable to me.

the room

room is very wide.the bed is also too. there are coffee machine and many taste.

the roof is nice view! i visited at September,i was be able to see the full moon at the roof.




MEAL is Japanese food. but seasonal foods. i visited in sep,so the foods was matsutake mushroom,Saury fish,and so on.




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